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Site Plan Review Status Report 4/3/2017
Letters to Industry  
  Important Notice Regarding Falls Church and City of Fairfax areas now served by Fairfax Water 11/20/2013
  Fairfax Water Construction Practice Manual Publication 12/10/2012
  Fairfax Water Plan Submission Requirements 7/6/2007
  All Correspondence 3/21/2007
  Corrosion Standards for Water Mains 2/14/2005
  Utility Separation- Water Mains and Appurtenances and Gas Mains 9/1/2005
Approved Products  
  Request for Product Addition 9/29/2014 
  Approved Products List 8/15/2016
Wet Tap Contractors  
  Wet Tap Contractor Approval Process 1/23/2012
  List of Approved Wet Tap Contractors 8/18/2014
Standard Agreements  
  Easement Agreement 1/14/2013
  Easement & Quitclaim 1/14/2013
Fairfax Water Map Request Procedure  
  To request a water system map from Fairfax Water, please submit an email to maprequest@fairfaxwater.org and include the project limits for the area of the request. Fairfax Water will not deliver system-wide coverage for any data set or map. Map requests must also include your name and company contact information as well as information about how the map will be used. All requests are subject to review and authorization before delivery is made.  
Design Practice Manual 3/9/2000
NEW - Construction Practice Manual 3/17/2015
Connection Rule Adopted by Fairfax Water - 1/12/2012 1/31/2012
Standard Details 12/10/2015
Pre-Submission Meeting Application for Religious and non-profit organizations contemplating construction in Fairfax County.  
Fairfax Water Contacts for Developers 7/1/2016