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Occoquan Shoreline Easement Policy
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Locating a Pier or Float Within the Easement

Application for Construction or Clearing within the Easement
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The Occoquan Reservoir Shoreline Easement Policy


Occoquan Shoreline Easement Policy Revisions
Fairfax Water adopted revisions to the Occoquan Shoreline Easement Policy on February 17, 2011. A summary of the revisions may be viewed by clicking here.




You may download a copy of the current regulations, now in effect, here:

Current Shoreline Easement Policy, Effective as of February 17, 2011


Fairfax Water owns and maintains the Occoquan Reservoir on the southern border of Fairfax County Virginia. The Occoquan Reservoir is a major drinking water source for Northern Virginia. The Reservoir consists of property and shoreline in both Fairfax and Prince William Counties. Fairfax Water has easements along the entire reservoir which provide a riparian buffer zone to protect the water and allow for future fluctuation of the water surface.


In order to assure a clean, safe supply of water in the Reservoir, Fairfax Water maintains the "Occoquan Reservoir Shoreline Easement Policy". The Policy regulates activity within the shoreline easement such as, but not limited to, vegetative cover, structures, storage facilities and piers/floats. All construction work within the easement requires prior permission of Fairfax Water. Please refer to the Policy before beginning any work within the easement area.


Please contact Fairfax Water at 703-289-6060 or email us at shorelinepolicy@fairfaxwater.org with any questions about the policy.


Reference Materials
Occoquan Shoreline Easement Policy
Locating a Pier or Float Within the Easement
 Fairfax Water Application for Construction or Clearing within the Easement


Abandoned Watercraft on the Occoquan Reservoir
Abandoned watercraft are treated as abandoned vehicles by local jurisdictions. The reservoir is bordered by Fairfax County to the north and Prince William County to the south. Abandoned watercraft anchored on either shoreline should be reported to the appropriate jurisdiction. Below is contact information for each jurisdiction.


Prince William County

  • For abandoned or inoperative vehicles on public property, call the Police Department non-emergency number at 703-792-6500.

  • For violations occurring on private property, call the Police Department's Inoperable Vehicle Unit at 703-792-5213, to speak with the Inoperable Vehicle officer.

Fairfax County

  • For inoperative vehicles on public property, call the police department non emergency number at 703-691-2131

  • For Inoperative vehicles on private property:

    • For 5 vehicles or less, call the Police Department at 703-280-0716

    • For 5 vehicles or more, call the Zoning Enforcement Branch, Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-324-1300.